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Service Restrictions & Add-On Charges


  • Project Delays will incur a monthly storage charge if the delay is due to a client related or requested delay, or software delays not under control of SurroundUs Services. The monthly storage charge will be $90/month for up to 2TB of data storage. Additional TBs will be charged at $45/TB/Month. If the project delay requires any re-work, like getting access again or additional downloads, the repeated work will be charged to your bucket of hours, additional time in excess of your bucket of hours will be charged hourly at $125/hour. Client delays can include but are not limited to a lack of communication, unresponsiveness, time taken for clients to complete requested tasks, etc. Software delays can include but are not limited to syncing delays due to low bandwidth at client location, software bugs with selected or legacy systems. We define a delay as any task that takes longer than five business days after its due date. For example, your project manager requests that you schedule your transition call by Friday. If you have not responded to us by the following Friday, we will send you a notification that you will be charged a delay fee if you don’t respond to us by the following business day. While we do our best to offload the heavy lifting of your project, there will be times where your engagement is necessary and critical in moving forward. Delays incur actual storage costs for our company as we maintain multiple backups of your content while working on your project.


  • Hourly rates are charged per resource (except for meetings that utilize multiple resources – client will only be charged based on meeting time).

  • Hourly charges include meetings, off-line work performed by our team, project management, technicians time to start, work through and finish any automated or software performed tasks, communication, internal collaboration, technical trouble-shooting, support with system specific help centers, training, remote transfer service.

  • Hourly charges do not include computer processing time.

  • Any additional expenses incurred by SurroundUs Services as part of delivering your requested services will be billed back to you (the client).  Examples include, but are not limited to, return shipping charges, specific charging or transfer cables not included with your devices provided, external hard drives or storage devices for back-up requests or delivery of transferred, organized or converted media.  Your SurroundUs Services Project Manager will do their best to have you pre-approve these charges ahead of them being incurred.


  • Packaged services may include a specified number of required meetings. These meetings are recommended based on our best practices to efficiently move through your project. The meetings will cover up to a 60 minute virtual meeting with your applicable SurroundUs team members. If a meeting requires additional time or an additional meeting, that time will be charged to your bucket of hours. If you have exhausted your bucket of hours, additional charges at $125/hour will be incurred.  

  • Meetings included and specified as part of your packaged services are not available for an exchange of hours or available for a refund if unused.

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