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Personal IT Support: A Must-Have in an Age of Digital Clutter

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

We currently live in what experts are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and if that sounds like something out of a Science Fiction novel, that’s because it kind of is.

What we are experiencing in real time was once solely in the imaginations of fiction writers. Compared with prior Industrial Revolutions, advancements are moving at an exponential, rather than a linear pace.

Breakthroughs in biotechnology are rocking the medical fields, and self-driving cars are no longer a dream, but an inevitability.

For the average tech consumer, there have been massive leaps in the capabilities of our handheld devices as billions of us are connected through our smartphones.When you stop to think about it, it is truly remarkable that with one pocket-sized device, we can find out the distance between planets in the solar system, invest in stocks, purchase a car, take videos of the family pet, and even call our kids (even though they’d rather text you instead).

Film strips.

Consider the evolution of the way we take, view, and enjoy our photos. Forty years ago, you'd pick up a roll of film with 24 exposures, pop it in your camera, and carefully select the moments you'd use one of your exposures to capture. You'd then have to go get your film developed, and when it was finally ready for pick up, you'd eagerly comb through the photos (of course, in the parking lot, first), throwing out blurry ones, saving the negatives, and proudly showing friends and family. Eventually, you'd likely make an album commemorating the year or the occasion.

Then came one-hour photo, a big step towards our now need for instant gratification. Digital cameras were next, and don't forget about photo CDs and early camera phones (do you even know where the photos from your Blackberry are?) The last 20 years have seen huge changes in how we capture, store, and even enjoy our memories.

Evolution Is Good - So What's the Problem?

All of these conveniences can come at a cost when leaps in technology are sharper than the learning curve, resulting in many tech consumers being left behind. According to the World Economic Forum, “43% of people in the EU don't even know how to perform basic tasks like searching for information online.”

Stress, digital clutter, and frustration have become common feelings amongst many of us who have lived over these past 40 years.

Even if you are somewhat tech-savvy enough to keep pace with the changes, who has the time?

I can clean my house and mow my lawn, but as a working Mom with two young kids, I just can’t do it all. Even though I run a tech company, I started it because I needed help keeping up with all of my data.

I knew there had to be a better way to navigate, maintain and protect my digital life. And after learning how vulnerable and at risk my digital memories are, I was desperate to find out how to preserve them.

Not to mention, the hassle of trying to figure out how to move all my data from one 'cloud' to the next? I was over it. For example, every year when it was time to send out holiday cards, I was tired of migrating my contact records from my last phone/computer to whatever device I used.

Plus, I was feeling the burden of wanting to make sure my family's online passwords were accessible by emergency contacts and estate attorneys in case something unimaginable happened.

All of these things were VERY important to me but they were so time-consuming. It seemed like my head was spinning with so many "techy" questions. I tried Google search and inquiring with support desks, but I was often left feeling confused, alone, and without solid answers.

I needed help. I know what it feels like when tech roadblocks start to accumulate and it can begin to seem like tech is making your life harder than it used to be or needs to be.

Does any of this sound familiar? Have you encountered these 'tech troubles' too?

The Shortcomings of Traditional Tech Support

When you've come across tech problems, such as syncing your photos from your smartphone or backing up data from your computer, like me, you’ve probably clicked the help button, only to be directed to an endless list of difficult-to-understand articles that don’t solve the specific problem you’re facing.

Or maybe, the article you've found is just too generic.

I can’t tell you how often someone reaches out and says “I understand sharing between my phone and my kids because we both have iPhones, but my significant other uses an Android device and messes the whole thing up!” Other than performing a quick Google search, that may or may not populate a semi-helpful result, you'll likely have trouble finding the support you need to address the issue.

There’s always the option of asking your kids, grandkids, significant other, or techy-friend for help, but with their busy schedules, you may feel like a nuisance.

Product-specific support also exists, some of which are better than others. Apple Care and their Genius Bar can be great, but what happens when you need help with your files or the point when your technology exits the Apple ecosystem? They can’t help. Others are barely accessible. You sit on hold for hours only to get hung up on or never even reach someone who can help.

The Solution: Personal IT Support

You've probably heard of traditional IT Support, or the technical support associated with issues involving computers, printers, networks, and devices. Previously, this type of support has been primarily available to employees who need assistance handling company-related devices, or through web chat or phone for consumers needing product-specific help.

In the digital age we now live in, having a friendly expert in your corner to help you navigate recurring tech troubles in your personal life has become a must-have. Fortunately, services like this actually do exist! Have you ever found yourself struggling to find answers to questions like the following? How to I download my photos from Facebook? How do I send important files or photos to my family? How do I safely manage all my online passwords? Is my iCloud syncing properly? Am I backing up my photos and documents correctly?

Why do I have so many duplicate contacts?

While these are just a few technical road blocks you may encounter, the list is likely always growing and changing as technology continues to rapidly evolve.

Here at SurroundUs, we recognize that everyday tech consumers need help too. Sure, any store or online retailer will sell you the newest iPhone, but what they won’t do is walk you through the steps of contact management, or show you the best way to keep your children and teens safe on their new devices.

That’s why we've developed Tech Circle, our customizable, personal IT support club. We're a team of real people who are equipped to help through online tech support services. We'll even speak to you on the phone, which in this digital era, is a real luxury!

The ultimate goal of personal IT support services is to help the everyday tech consumer build confidence and independence with their devices and use their technology as the tool it was always meant to be (instead of the burden it has become).

With a membership to Tech Circle, you gain access to our tech experts who are equally skilled at breaking down information and helping you grow your knowledge while also solving your most frustrating digital struggles.

We are here to help you harness the potential of your technology so that you can get back to living and enjoying your life. Book a free consultation to tell us more about your tech struggles, and we can help you determine whether personal IT support services may be a good solution for you.

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