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How to Help Victims of the Marshall Fire, and Where to Seek Assistance if You Have Been Impacted

It was difficult to process the events that took place on December 30th, 2021 when the most destructive fire in Colorado history ripped through large sections of Boulder County, our home community, leaving neighbors scrambling for safety as flames engulfed entire suburban subdivisions. Winds of over 100 mph fanned the flames and resulted in the loss of over 1,000 homes and multiple businesses. Through the heroic efforts of fire and safety workers, the fire was extinguished. Now comes the work of lending support and assistance to those who have lost their homes, and are in need of essential resources. We have compiled a list of ways that you can offer a hand, and where those who have been impacted can seek assistance.

For Those in Need of Assistance

Boulder County Fire Lost & Found Pets

If you have lost a pet due to the fire, this Facebook page is full of information about found and missing pets.

Spark the Change Colorado Mental Health Resources

Experiencing traumatic displacement and loss from natural disasters can cause profound mental health challenges. Spark the Change is offering help to those impacted by the Marshall Fires.

Sister Carmen Community Center

If you have been impacted by the fire and need help, visit the Aspen Ridge facility located at 655 Aspen Ridge Dr, Lafayette, CO 80026 during business hours (M-F 9am-5pm) or call 303-665-4342 for assistance. Sister Carmen is able to offer resources such as financial assistance, food, clothing, supplies, and more.

Where to Donate

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Donate to Boulder County Wildfire Fund

This organization is working with local agencies to offer direct assistance to those who lost their homes in the fire.

Donate to The American Red Cross

This link will allow you to donate to The Red Cross as it offers disaster assistance to fire victims and their families

Register to Donate Goods and Services through Boulder County

This is a great way to offer direct donations of useful goods such as gift cards and food

Donate to Sister Carmen Community Center

This community center is accepting cash donations to offer direct assistance to victims for hotel stays and meals

Where to Volunteer

Volunteer with The Salvation Army Disaster Assistance Center

If you live in the area, volunteers are needed on the ground. Click this link to register yourself as available to help.

Volunteer Opportunities through Colorado Responds

This is a helpful search engine for exploring volunteer opportunities in the area.

Thank you for supporting our neighbors in this time of devastation for so many in our community.

With love,

The SurroundUs Team

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