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Celebrating Black History Month: Influential Black Leaders in Tech Today

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

A group of black women leaders in the tech industry.

This year, we are celebrating Black History Month by highlighting some of the most innovative and inspiring black leaders in tech today. There continues to be a lack of diversity in the American Tech sector, with recent studies citing that just 15% of tech employees are Black, and this number drops to around 8% when looking at managerial and leadership positions. Encouraging a wider range of young people from the next generation to pursue careers in tech is paramount to diversifying the STEM fields, creating a high-tech workforce that represents the true make-up of our nation. From data technology solutions, to women’s health, these tech leaders are an inspiration paving the way for tomorrow’s leaders.

Mahmee website preview on a laptop.

Melissa Hannah - Melissa Hannah is the founder and CEO of Mahmee, an LA based company designed to support new Mothers by connecting them with caregivers to support all their maternity and infant health needs. Not only is Ms. Hannah a leader in tech, but she is also an adjunct law professor at The Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, California.

Ime Archibong - As the head of product experimentation at Facebook, Ime Archibong is Facebook’s only Black Vice President in charge of running a product division. Archibong has a background in computer science and engineering and is the listed inventor on more than a dozen patents. The son of Nigerian immigrants, Archibong has served as part of a team to increase online access and activity in emerging markets in Africa.

Preview of Angela Benton's website.

Angela Benton - One of the most powerful players in the tech world is Angela Benton. Her company, Streamlytics out of Culver City, CA, is born from the desire for consumers to have more control and ownership over their own data. The idea behind her company is that consumers upload data themselves, get paid for it, and maintain ownership. Ms. Benton seeks to change the reputation that data collection is “creepy,” by placing more authority in the hands of the consumer. In addition to Streamlytics, Ms. Benton also founded NewMe in 2011, which is the first accelerator for global minorities. To date, Ms. Benton has helped generate 47 million in venture capital funding for hundreds of entrepreneurs.

These are just a few of the many trailblazing, ingenuitive Black leaders in tech. There is no doubt that there is a long road ahead in achieving equity and equality, especially in fields that are historically overwhelmingly dominated by white males. Our hope is that by shining a light on these inspiring voices, we will inspire the next generation to follow along in their footsteps.

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