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Are You a Digital Hoarder?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

A pile of external hard drive for a digital organizer.

Spring has sprung, which also means we have begun the annual drive to clean our spaces, setting the tone for a clean and organized new year. There are countless studies that show the correlation between an organized home, and a greater sense of calmness and well-being. But have you stopped to think about how digital clutter might be causing some of the same anxieties and uneasiness as the clutter in your home? And how this may impact the digital legacy you leave behind for your loved ones?

The Negative Impacts of Digital Clutter

There are many reasons why people become digital hoarders. Studies show that the causes range anywhere from anxiety-driven collecting, workplace compliance, to a lack of knowledge of workable systems for keeping the clutter at bay. Whatever the root cause of your digital disorder, the impacts on your psychological well-being can be similar to those resulting from physical clutter in your home. Having too many files, and being unable to locate pictures or documents readily can lead to increased levels of stress and frustration.

Impact On The Environment: Beyond the psychological impact, there are other seldom-discussed consequences of digital hoarding. Whenever files are stored remotely in the cloud, they must be maintained in one of many global server farms. These facilities use a tremendous amount of energy, leading to a drastic increase in carbon production, which is fueling global warming. Learn more about the hidden environmental impacts of excess data storage in our previous blog post.

Security Risks: Cyber criminals and hackers love digital hoarders. When you lose track of how many files you have stored, and your list of unread emails start ticking upwards, you are opening the door for a major security breach. The fewer files you have, the lesser the opportunity for someone to access the information you forget was sitting in your inbox.

What Can I Do?

First, conduct an honest assessment of your digital collection. How many unread emails are sitting in your inbox? Do you have duplicate files on your phone or computer? Do you find yourself needing to delete data in order to make room for more? Is it difficult for you to find the photo or file you are looking for?

Many of us want to get on top of our digital clutter, but lack the time and/or expertise to create lasting change. At SurroundUs, our team of friendly tech experts are dedicated to helping you unravel your digital mess, and empowering you to create lasting systems that keep you organized.

Ready to get started today? Download our free monthly photo organizing checklist or contact our team of professional digital organizers to find out how you can embark on your decluttering journey with a digital data survey.

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