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DIY Digital Photo Organizing

With the DIY Digital Photo Organizing Workshop, you will have access to a virtual classroom where SurroundUs CEO & tech expert, Jordan Babeon, will share her secrets on all things digital photo organizing! She will deep dive into how to become an effective manager of your family's most precious possession - your photos and videos!

Here's What You'll Learn:


The SurroundUs System, a method proven to save you time and energy as you tackle organizing your digital photo and video collection.


How to pick the best system for your needs including security and privacy concerns.


How to identify and remove duplicate and near duplicate photos to reduce digital clutter.


Best practices in setting up your new system to most efficiently streamline the organization process.

I took a DIY Photo Management class with Jordan and it was so helpful to understand the various steps in the process and the pros and cons of various systems. I wanted to both clean up my old photos and needed a process to manage my photos in the future. I am a working mom and although I am very familiar with technology it is easy to ignore your digital organization. I really wanted to take control of my photos so I could share them, easily pull up favorites, and create annual albums.

Jordan's DIY Photo Management class gave me the kick start I needed and I would highly recommend Surround Services!


Colorado Springs, CO

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