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Mac Computer for a digital organizer at SurroundUs.

With us, your digital world will run smoothly.

The most common tech problems often require help from trained professionals. At SurroundUs, our goal is to empower you with your technology and streamline your digital experience, allowing for easy access to your digital life.

Our friendly technology specialists are equipped to help you overhaul your digital world, whether you need to organize your photos, get your passwords in a secure system, setup parental controls, or create a digital legacy plan that will put your family at ease. All of our digital services are designed with the home user in mind.

SurroundUs CEO and Tech Expert, Jordan Babeon.

Meet Our Founder


Jordan Pault-Babeon is a tech entrepreneur who began her career in software consulting. She founded her company, SurroundUs Services, in 2018 after struggling to find help with digital photo organizing services following the birth of her twins (now seven years old). She passionately believes that working Moms need more help, specifically when it comes to our growing digital lives. While all the new apps are great, knowing which to choose and getting them set up correctly with all of our legacy data is hard.

Jordan received her International MBA in 2009 from the University of Denver, and has over 15 years of software consulting experience in a variety of industries, including consulting, software, retail, manufacturing, logistics, systems integration, construction, and hospitality. Jordan is a certified NetSuite ERP Consultant, Project Management Professional (PMP), and Photo Manager, and is also trained in Mastering Process Improvement by the Software Engineering Institute. She has been recognized for excellence in her work for companies including Miller Coors, M.C. Dean, Oracle and NetSuite.

While working at Netsuite | Oracle, Jordan was responsible for the North American Professional Services Team for the Retail Vertical. She played a critical role in building out the team and developing leading practices that transformed the way software implementations are delivered in cloud-based systems.

Since founding SurroundUs, Jordan has been named “the Marie Kondo of your computer.” She has tripled her revenue year over year, becoming the global leader in an emerging industry of digital organizers.

“Jordan is like the Marie Kondo of your computer.”


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Tips & Tricks

Are you constantly taking photos of things you want to remember, such as recipes, schedules, signs, labels and more? Protect your camera roll from overcrowding by downloading our Clutter Free Photo Tip!


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