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A SurroundUs Tech Expert at work on her computer.

From remote workspaces and distance learning, to how we store and share our photos, we are spending more time on devices than ever before.

Do you have a handle on your digital life?

Our friendly digital organizers can help.

We help busy people optimize their digital lives.

You've got lot on your plate these days. Between work, family, and everything else, keeping up with your digital needs is challenging.


That's why we've created services to help you with the more time-consuming tasks of managing it all: from organizing your photos and cleaning up your inbox to personalized tech support for all those little problems that pop up (like finding missing data or syncing issues).

So whether you're looking for a way to streamline your tech or just need help with one specific task, our team of experts is ready to provide effective solutions that last.

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Who is SurroundUs?

We all face the same problem: our digital lives are only getting bigger. We're not going to suddenly stop taking photos or using all the digital tools that makes our lives easier, but how do we make sure the chaos doesn't take over?

That's why we're here. SurroundUs is a team of tech experts specializing in all things digital organizing, including data cleanup and solutions, digital photo organizing, and personalized tech support. With us, you'll save time and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing there are trained professionals who can help you navigate, organize and maintain your ever-growing digital collection.

Stay up to date with the latest happenings, service offerings and specials.



A pile of photos laying on a bed.
Lynne Williamson, a happy SurroundUs client.


Lafeyette, Colorado

"I now have my digital photo files organized and can easily access anything. They were able to delete thousands of duplicate photos. Plus, I believe this process will help my business now that I have a specific file for my business media."

Courtney Walsh, a SurroundUs success story.

Boulder, Colorado

"I had more than 75,000 digital photos scattered across multiple devices. SurroundUs helped me organize, de-duplicate, back up and streamline my memories. I now feel in control of the most important thing I own: my family photos!"

Happy SurroundUs client, Annie Pault.


Longmont, Colorado

“Highly recommend this business! You have no idea how many files you have hiding in old computers and phones until it’s too late! Incredibly professional in the process of organizing, tagging, and backing up all your files!"

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